Like it or not, our place in the world is informed by the web. We use it to chat to our friends and colleagues across the world, find local takeaway on a Sunday night and to channel the news we want, when we want it.

In my previous life as a Children’s Rights advocate, I understood that the web was crucial in engaging people in issues of the moment. Working with young people allowed me to gain an early understanding of how creative web design with strong messages can be used add value to our physical world.

Since these humble beginnings developing websites as a hobby on the side I cut my teeth in web development with Chameleon Creative in Canada. I am now woorking in web development after graduating from NMIT with a graduate degree in IT to take these skills to the next level. I love this stuff.

I love open source and I can be found playing with a jQuery library or Php framework of some sort or another. If you would prefer to have a look at my CV here you go!